Mr. Sigler, who is currently working for Telefonica R&D as a mainly Java Software Developer, has recently put on the market the application "Nomad Connexion", an mobile Internet connectivity provider with a high load server and an Android app. 

An strong educational background built on a 5-year BSc in Computer Engineering by the University of Granada and complemented with a MSc in Advanced Computer Science at University of Liverpool, UK. His Master project a compensator of character power for strategies games in the context of game theory directed by Dr. Sven Schewe and finally published in sourceforge.

Previous work at NorthgateArinso Spain as Junior SAP Human Resource Consultant has allowed him to work side by side international teams in the award-winning product: euHReka onDemand

He has been volunteer on the NGO SED and the teenager association "Grupos de Amistad" of the  Marist Brothers College as an outdoor activities instructor since 2003 to 2006.  As a consequence of this work, he also took courses related to the group conflict resolution and group dynamic techniques. 

His young ambitious leads to found of the open source project Crusoe, an 3D adventure game, and own of PoBaSys, the above-mentioned power balance system. 

Concentrations on the following topics:
  • Java Spring on Tomcat or Jetty.
  • Modern C++ with Boost Libraries and Win32
  • Network protocols HTML/XML, REST/JSON and thrift.
  • Software Engineering: UML 2.0, Multiagent Systems, Project Management, Multi-threading.
  • Networking: the OSI Model which includes TCP/IP.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Neural Networks, Clustering methods, Bayesian Networks, ID3, C4.5.
  • Advanced Data Base Management, Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • Game Theory
Throughout his career and enthusiasm as a software developer, he has always kept a high-performance standard during his entire career as proven his current skills.

    English  - Fluent.
    Spanish - Native.